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More and more couples from all over the world are deciding on a traditional
wedding ceremony in Germany.
We would like to recommend the services of Burghausen Castle for a Romantic Wedding. Burghausen in Southern Bavaria/Germany is situated in the beautiful Salzach Valley and combines a medieval old town and the longest Castle in the world recorded for the first time in the Guinness book of records 2010.

A advantage is that the Register office, chapel and banqueting/reception rooms are all within 50 meters.
The complete package comprising of a competent consultation, individual design and a professional service all on site, offered in both English & German can be offered.

We will be pleased to discuss your requirements. 

More details you will find here:

Romantic Weddings in the longest castle in the world 

The castle Burghausen is located in Bavaria in southern Germany about 110 kilometers/65 miles east of Munich. It lies on the west bank of the Salzach River which is the border between Germany and Austria. It is the longest existing castle in the world. The castle is build atop a ridge and its length is stretched out over a full kilometer. Parts of the defensive structure reached down to the village and are integrated into its town walls. The complex is divided into six courtyards.

Burghausen is one of those-must see castles! This is what visitors should be visiting instead of Neuschwanstein if they really want to touch medieval life. 

Burghausen describes itself as a "little city" which connects the past and present, the mystical and realism, the traditional and the technological future. It certainly does and is one of those rare "finds" that you feel you've discovered yourself.